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Updated May 29, 2024 - 8:01 PM EDT
Rafah Massacre Won't Change US Support for Israel
  Rafah Residents Face More Danger as Israel Hits City's Two Hospitals
  Egyptians Mourn Soldier Killed by Israelis at Rafah Border
Nikki Haley Signs Israeli Artillery Shell
  Mossad Chief Threatened ICC Prosecutor's Family
US-Constructed Pier Off Gaza Breaks Apart
  Spain, Norway, and Ireland Formally Recognize a Palestinian State
Putin Warns Against Striking Russia With NATO Missiles
  Ukraine Targets Radars – Part of Russia's Nuclear Warning System
US Threatens More Sanctions on China and Russia
China Urges US To Stay Out of South China Sea Disputes
item The Message of Israel's Torture Chambers Is Directed at Us All, Not Just Palestinians  by Jonathan Cook
item Why Universities Have Started Arresting Student Protesters  by Christopher Sprigman
item Repress U., Class of 2024  by Michael Gould-Wartofsky
item Putin May Be at the Door.
Why Is Biden Ignoring the Bell?
 by Branko Marcetic

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'No One Is Left': Palestinians Describe Deadly Tent Camp Strike
Trump Vows To 'Crush' Pro-Palestine College Protests if Elected
Kenya Begins Public Hearings Into Alleged Abuses by UK Troops
Ukraine's Zelensky Gets More Air Defense Missiles From Spain
Ukraine's Zelensky and Belgium PM Sign Security Pact
Cluster Munition Use Reported in Ukraine's Attack on Luhansk

Belgium Pledges $1 Billion in Military Aid, 30 F-16s for Ukraine

EU Pushing To Boost Military Aid to Ukraine
Putin Says Ukraine Should Hold Presidential Election
Russia Not Currently Planning To Restart Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, TASS Says
Kremlin Condemns NATO Boss's Appeal for Ukraine To Use Western Arms in Russia
United Kingdom
British Army Will Be Too Small To Help Fight Russia, European Generals Fear
Cambridge Students Seek 'Greater Transparency' Over Divestment From Arms Firms
Slovenia's 'Moral Duty': What's Behind Its Push To Recognize Palestine?
Swiss Lawmakers Back Tougher Action Against Spies
Swedish Air Force Eyes More Weapons, People to Deliver 'Robust' Dispersed Operations
EU Mulls Sanctions if Israel Refuses To Comply With ICJ Ruling After Rafah Massacre
French MP Suspended for Waving Palestinian Flag in Parliament
China Calls for Red Sea Attacks on Civilian Ships To End
China, US Agree to Manage Maritime Risks Through Continued Dialogue
A Robot Will Soon Try To Remove Melted Nuclear Fuel From Japan's Destroyed Fukushima Reactor
Japan Reports First Sighting of New PLA Combat Drone Over East China Sea
Former Pakistani Premier Sharif Is Re-Elected as His Party's President as It Now Rules Country
Taiwan's Parliament Passes Bills To Rein in Lai
Latin America
Two Months After Embassy Raid, Ecuador Is 'Ready' To Talk With Mexico and Reach Solution
Haiti's US-Backed Transitional Council Picks Prime Minister
Israeli Tanks Hit Evacuation Zone West of Rafah, 21 Dead, Gaza Health Officials Say
WHO Condemns 'Abrupt Halt' to Medical Evacuations From Gaza
Palestinian President's Spokesperson Calls New Israeli Strikes on Rafah a Massacre
'We Have Nothing.' As Israel Attacks Rafah, Palestinians Are Living in Tents and Searching for Food
UNRWA Says Around 1 Million People Have Fled Rafah in Past Three Weeks
Mass Exodus From Rafah as Israel Presses Assault on Southern City
The Only Ones Still Buying the Israeli Army's Version of the Rafah Strike
Danish Parliament Rejects Proposal Recognizing Palestinian State
Hostage Seen in New Video Released by Palestinian Islamic Jihad
Britain's Cameron Says IDF Must Launch Swift Probe Into Rafah Air Strikes
Egypt-Israel Relations Explained as Tensions Rise at Rafah Border
Seven Israeli Cops To Be Charged for Branding Palestinian With Star of David
Photos: Palestinians Flee Tal As-Sultan Area in Rafah Amid Israeli Assault
How Israeli Prison Doctors Assist in the Torture of Palestinian Detainees
German Foreign Minister Says She Saw Nonexistent October 7 Rape Video
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 20 Killed
Iraqi Cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr Calls for Expelling US Ambassador Over Israel
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Is Becoming One of Biden's Most Important Swing States
Vessel Hit by Missiles Off Yemen's Coast, Say Shipping Sources
Donor Fatigue Persists as Nations Commit Around $8.1 Billion for Conflict-Hit Syrians
Blinken Discusses Need to End Sudan War With Top General
Second Egyptian Soldier Dies After Rafah Border Shootout With Israeli Forces
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